System Analysis
We analyze systems from top to bottom if you have a problem and can't figure out what's causing it. There is an hourly charge to system analysis.

Data Transfer
Do you need software transferred from one hard-drive to another or one computer to another? We have the equipment and technology to do so. This is one of our specialty services that we provide.

Insurance Claims
We run diagnostics, and pull out component by component checking for any visible damage and/or data loss and then write a form estimate of the damage for the customer to send to their insurance company.

CD Recording
Do you have a program that you've written that you'd like burned to a CD so you can show it to others with ease? Have an enormous database you can't move on disks and would like it copied onto a CD? We can burn CDs for a small fee, as long as it does not violate the written law of the United States in copying copyrighted material.

New and Used Computer Systems

We sell new and used computer systems. Whether you're looking for something simple and just for word processing or something more complex such as a top-notch gaming rig, we can build a computer for you! If you don't wish to have a new computer, and are looking for a deal on a newer model, we have used computers available for sale, too.

New and Used Computer Components
We sell new and used computer components. We only put new computer components in our custom built systems, and we sell used computer components that we have tested and are ensured to be a 100% quality product.


Do you need more memory, more hard-drive space, more processor speed? We can upgrade any computer for a small fee with the parts you'd like to be upgraded.

We repair computers. Whether you have a hard-drive cluster problem, memory loss, etc, we can fix most anything pertaining to computer repairs.

Virus Removal
If you have downloaded a virus off of the internet, or obtained one inadvertantly we invite you to come to us to take that virus off your hard-drive for a small fee. This saves you the time and software costs to do the same at home.